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Is hair transplantation painful?

At Pinette Hair Restoration Clinic, we focus on providing you with an easy, relaxed procedure with minimal discomfort for your hair surgery. At the start of the day, we provide you with medication to calm you and help the day pass by easier. We carefully numb the areas of harvest and treatment with anaesthesia and after we have done this, you should be able to fly through the procedure without discomfort. Sometimes people find it hard to sit in the same position for a long time and this can be uncomfortable. For this reason, we will frequently adjust positions for you and give you breaks during the surgical day.

After the transplant, the freezing will wear off hours later and to help with any discomfort afterwards, we will provide you with some pain killers if needed. Like any surgery, we recommend you rest and take it easy the next day and maybe keep your activity level light for the first week. After the procedure, you will have some stitches in the harvest area at the back of the scalp. Some people find these stitches irritating because of where they are located. The stitches are removed a week after the procedure.