Through a sophisticated micro-grafting technique, follicles from those unaffected areas are transferred to the thinning or balding regions. This begins when Dr. Sheps and his team remove a ‘donor’ strip from the patient’s head. This strip is dissected carefully into individual and multiple hair grafts, and then the recipient area is prepared with tiny incisions into which the donor hair grafts are inserted.

This relatively new approach produces results far more subtle than earlier transplants, and it has encouraged the growing popularity of hair transplant surgery.

Most clients require only one session, but this depends on the degree of baldness or thinning. In the first session, the micro-grafts are distributed through the entire bald area. Each session takes an average of eight hours.

Dr. Sheps uses state-of-the-art micro-grafting techniques that are proven safe and effective. Micro-graft implants contain one-to-three hairs per graft. As a result, the scar tissue in the healing area is nearly non-existent and healing time is between five to seven days. The newly transplanted hair is genetically programmed to keep growing, making this an investment that will literally last a lifetime.

Laser Cap / Laser Therapy:

LaserCap is a low level laser light treatment for hair loss. This treatment is a portable home device that patients are able to insert inside a hat and reduce the effects of hair loss, thinning, shedding and receding hair lines.

Laser Therapy is a low level laser light treatment that stimulates hair growth by increasing blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles, which aids cellular repair. Some laser therapy also improves cellular metabolism and protein synthesis and reduces protein-blocking enzymes that promote hair thickness and density.



Rogaine is a hair loss product that helps men regrow their hair, and reduce additional hair loss. According to its website, during the first two to six weeks after starting treatment, there may be some noticeable hair loss, but this is temporary due to hair follicles shifting from a dormant phase to an active growing phases. Regrown hair will be soft, downy and barely visible at first, but after continued treatment, will eventually resemble the same colour and thickness as the rest of your hair.


Propecia is hair loss treatment for male pattern baldness due to the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body. This medication starts to work within three month of beginning treatment. For most men, it prevents further hair loss and promotes some growth of new hair.

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