How to Style Your Hair Like A Mad Man


Matthew Weiner’s critically acclaimed show, Mad Men, finished its final season this past May, but it doesn’t mean the cultural influences it brought are already forgotten.

Mad Men not only gave us inspiration for themed gatherings, but the show also left its mark on the hair-styling world, too. Celebs, such as David Beckham and Bradley Cooper, are sporting slick-backed waves — which is easy to do, and look effortlessly suave as well.

Here’s how you get the look:

First, make sure your hair is damp and run through thoroughly with pomade, hair gel or styling mousse before beginning to comb.

There are many professional combs you can use, however, a regular ol’ comb will do the trick. To begin, part your hair where you feel most comfortable or natural, and then, blow-dry the sides of the hair closest to the head, first. While blow-drying, focus on combing your hair back and down, until it’s in a slicked back position. Experts at the London School of Barber say special care should be taken this time, as this is the area where your style is most prone to collapse due to the extra weight.

For a traditional slick back look, use pomade as it keeps your hair close to the head. However, don’t get too crazy — a small dab of pomade, gel or mousse will do the trick. Rub the product between your hands, and then apply to your hair to keep it in the shape you prefer. Furthermore, make sure the product is distributed evenly through your hair (a comb can easily do this).

Finally, give your hair one last blow dry (on cool air) to keep it in place — and then, hello, Mr. Beckham.

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