Pay Zero Attention to these 7 Hair Transplant Myths


If you’re unfamiliar with the show Arrested Development — one of its main characters undergoes a botched hair transplant surgery using hair plugs. Quickly, the character’s health begins to deteriorate, causing paralysis.

Of course this isn’t an honest depiction of hair transplant surgery — it’s comedy! In fact, undergoing hair transplant surgery is nothing like this at all when done properly and by a credible team of experts.

Below are seven of the most common hair transplant myths and how to avoid for falling for them.

1. It’s a Temporary Procedure 

First, never let a doctor ask if he can try a small patch of hair grafts to see if you like it — this is a permanent surgical procedure, and cannot be undone. Make sure you do your research, and consult with a credible doctor, like Dr. Sheps, before going forward with your surgery.

2. It doesn’t look natural 

To avoid an Arrested Development situation, always check the credentials of the doctor as well as everyone involved who will be performing your hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant procedures have come a long way since the 1930s, and if your doctor and his or her team are properly accredited and skilled — no one should be able to tell the difference.

3. You Have to be Young

Not at all — any age is suitable for hair transplant surgery. However, many doctors will agree, undergoing hair transplant surgery when you’re older produces the best results. Undergoing hair transplant surgery at a younger age can sometimes, but very rarely, be offset by your hair pattern’s unpredictability, which can cause more hair loss in the future.

4. Hair Transplant Surgery is a Man’s Game

Women do experience hair loss as well. On average, women make up 40 per cent of hair loss patients. At Sheps Hair Restoration Clinic, they are able to treat female hair loss the same way they do with male hair loss — along with the same successful results.

5. Baby Your Hair Post-op

A successful hair transplant surgery means you won’t have to change your daily hair care routine — just be gentler. Use your favourite shampoo, conditioner, pomade and/or mousse — whatever it may be — and leave your unease behind.

6. You Get Someone Else’s Hair

False! Your body will reject foreign hair — unless you take immunosuppressant drugs. But that’s a lot of work when you have perfectly good hair of your own — so, you may as well use it!

7. It’s a long, painful Procedure

With any type of surgery, you’re going to need to put aside some time to rest. However, with most types of hair transplant surgery, you won’t experience a long post-operative care schedule — maybe a day or two. As for any pain, it’s not uncommon for your scalp to feel tender.

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